About Us

OYA's principals have Developed, Engineered and Structured over 400 MW of operating Solar PV projects in North America. 

We currently have a development pipeline of 250MW.


Founded in 2009, OYA Solar has developed dozens of Commercial, Industrial and Utility Scale projects across North America. OYA has a strong origination, finance and regulatory team which works along side our in-house geotechnical, structural, electrical engineers and Project Managers at our global hub in Toronto. This, combined with a local presence in our development markets, enables us to rapidly and cost effectively bring projects to construction ready and ultimately Commercial Operation.

Our flexibility and risk appetite differentiates us within the industry, particularly as it relates to early stage development risk in new or existing markets. Accordingly, we are able to work with complex financial structures and economics as well as difficult regulatory environments.

We currently have a strong development pipeline of C&I, Community Solar and Small Utility projects in Canada, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Texas, Colorado, Minnesota and Maryland.

Business Philosophy

When working with investors, partners, customers and vendors, we believe the following four pillars are the key to our firms success:


Our strength is our experience. We take care of the projects we build - so we build them to last. We utilize sound engineering principles and high quality components to ensure that our solar PV plants provide the highest possible yield and lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.


The most significant risk our industry faces is certainty of execution. We know what it takes to navigate the complex regulatory, financial and legal environment solar projects can get entangled in. We have successfully developed projects in multiple jurisdictions around the world, and effectively mitigate these risks for our clients.


We are going to be partners for a long time. That’s why we are committed to upholding the highest moral integrity in every aspect of our business. This includes carefully choosing suppliers and strategic partners, both internationally and domestically, who demonstrate the same integrity in their approach.

Financial Stability

OYA Solar has the stability and funding to develop even the largest and most complex solar projects. We have a number of flexible approaches to ownership and have a broad base of financial partners eager to invest in our projects.

For Partners


We are always looking for partners who see the value in plugging into a strong execution oriented team. Our flexible approach to development partnerships allows us to complement each of our partners’ strengths while ensuring we minimize overlap. Our vertically integrated development platform allows us to mix and match components of the process to ensure that we maximize the synergies between the two groups. Each partnership is custom and designed to be fully transparent, ensuring that both parties are fully aligned to a common final goal, building world class PV plants.


If you are a developer looking for a partner to commit financial, development, engineering or asset management resources, OYA can help you achieve your development goals. We focus on building long term development partnerships that allow us to fill the gaps in our partner’s skill set. We look forward to discussing your potential opportunity in more detail.

For Investors

Solar Investorv2

OYA and its principals have an extensive track record of financing solar projects. As a developer and owner of assets ourselves, we have a deep understanding of underwriting and ensure that any potential investor concerns are fully mitigated in both the development and post-COD phases of our projects, delivering long-term stable returns.

OYA has worked with multiple leading financial and strategic investors but is continually expanding its cadre of key partners, particularly given its current growth in key U.S. markets.

OYA has self-funded its development efforts to date and is flexible in arranging various financing and ownership structures to optimize value, including the ability and willingness to remain a partial or full equity owner of our projects.

We look forward to continuing or developing a financing relationship with you.

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