Help the enviroment

You can help generate clean energy and create green jobs in Canada

Reduce your carbon footprint

With OYA you can reduce your dependence in dirty coal energy and help the enviroment

Earn money each month

With solar you get paid for the clean electricity you produce each month

Why choose solar?

Simply put: To save the world and make money.

Your home has the potential to generate green clean energy and become a guaranteed source of income for the next 20 years.

Solar will...

  • Increase the value of your home: Give your home an advantage over other houses on the market 
  • Help offset carbon emissions: Feel good about saving energy and promote sustainable living
  • Generate guaranteed income: Plan for the future and your retirement
  • Create green jobs: Help Canada focus on clean energy and create thousands of sustainable jobs

How does it work?

iStock_000018508874LargeThe Ontario microFIT solar program allows homeowners in Ontario to go green and earn money by installing solar panels on their roof and selling clean energy back to the grid.

Solar MicroFIT installations are an incredibly dependable and low-risk investment with an average 15% rate of return and 6 to 9 year payback. Once your system is connected to the grid you will start receiving monthly payments from the Ontario Government.

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With OYA going solar is easy!