What We Do


Leamington, ON - 302 kW

Our core competencies allow us to optimize project economics and provide certainty of execution, which allow us to deliver high quality projects at the lowest cost per kilowatt hour.


Our global engineering hub in Toronto, enables us to fully deliver geotechnical, structural, electrical and civil engineering for projects in-house across multiple jurisdictions. This allows us to drive down project costs and execute faster across diverse geographies.-one.

Project Management

Our proprietary cloud based PM software provides high throughput and allows end to end project management solutions through our in-house development team that manages all regulatory, legal, financial, logistical and technical aspects of the project.


We leverage our own internal development fund for early stage to construction ready (NTP) projects. This allows us to step in to projects quickly, particularly in new markets. We consistently work with multiple financial and strategic investors to fund construction and permanent capital.


we maintain strong relationships with multiple EPC contractors and manufacturers across North America. We maintain our own internal staff to perform commissioning and QA protocols to ensure high Performance Ratios and system uptime on our PV plants.

Administration and Billing

We have strong back office capabilities to originate, process, administer and bill commercial or residential subscribers through our residential subsidiary morSolar. We also are actively managing SRECs in multiple markets in-house.

Canada's Feed-In-Tariff Programs

Feed-in tariff (FIT) policies are developed to encourage and promote the greater use of renewable energy sources for electricity generating projects. The FIT policies in Canada provide a guaranteed rate for every unit of kilowatt hour energy that is generated by a renewable energy system fed into the grid. 

OYA has built over 40 MW of Solar PV Systems under the FIT Program in Ontario and aims to further develop projects under Alberta's upcoming FIT Program.

Canada FIT

Community Solar Programs

Community Solar Programs are centrally-located Solar PV systems that provide electricity to participating retail energy customers, such as homeowners and businesses, allowing these retail customers to enjoy the benefits of green energy and immediately save money on their electricity bill without any upfront payments.

OYA is currently actively developing Community Solar projects in the following States:

Minnesota (MN)

New York (NY)

Massachusetts (MA)

Maryland (MD)

Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Solar and

Small-Utility Solar Projects

OYA has demonstrated expertise in developing solar projects of all sizes. We work with property managers, retail chains, and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and save on their utility bills by hosting systems and making the investment themselves, or entering into PPA's with us.


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